AI Global Cloud Skills Challenge 2021

Come join me in this learning journey during the May AI Global Cloud Skills Challenge 2021

People know that I have an unsatiable desire to learn-it-all, play with new and emerging technologies, and share what I have learned with the community merely to start conversations and inspire others to create their own solutions. While I have been reading many books and articles surrounding the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in general, as well as the use of responsible AI in action when implementing your technology solutions, I realized that there is so much more that I can learn in this area!

In that same breath, people also know that I have a passion for mental health awareness and action towards removing the stigma of mental health illness. It’s no surprise that Microsoft, along with the likes of other large Cloud corporations, have made recent strides to improve upon their AI for Mental Health efforts (originally Project Talia in 2019), recently acquiring Nuance to accelerate Cloud and AI strategy for Health Care.

After 400+ days of mental anguish experienced not only by the Health Care industry, but all industries across the globe during the Covid-19 pandemic, I wanted to learn as much as I could about both the advancements of AI in relation to identifying and improving Mental Health. Identifying signs of burnout before folks quit their positions? Identifying signs of depression and attempting to offer help before the conditions worsen? Tracking energy depletion or exhaustion, negativism, or even cynicism? All thoughts that have crossed my mind recently while researching – there HAS to be a better, more sustainable, and RESPONSIBLE way to achieve this for everyone!

Chris Gill’s Azure AI Global Cloud Skills Challenge

During the month of May, I want to tie BOTH of these passions together in the form of a Global Cloud Skills Challenge and invite you to join in this month-long learning journey to not only learn new technologies along with me, but also bridge the stigma gap where humanity meets technology to inspire an impactful and responsible change for Mental Health Awareness Month!

Super easy rules to join in and bring others along for the ride:

  1. Ensure that you have an MSLearn account (or create a new one)
  2. Begin our shared learning experience by participating in my curated learning collection
  3. Share what you have learned with the community, and invite others to join in this challenge!

Sounds easy, right? That’s because it IS THAT EASY! Oh, and pro tip – yes, I will be learning this along with you. I know I will have questions, and will NOT be afraid to ask them. I challenge you to do the same – learn, ask questions, break things, build things, and create inspirational solutions along with me! My shared goal is to raise awareness, increase learning goals for the global community, and we earn bonus points if/when we can create a solution using what we have learned to address Mental Health needs!

Let’s do this, TOGETHER and INCLUSIVELY, while having fun and learning something new!!!


2 thoughts

    1. My humble opinion on this question – it’s not the pursuit of the MVP award, but the pursuit of growing and being part of a holistic community that encourages each other to not only share what you have learned, but bring others along with you on the journey. Helping others achieve their best on their journeys is what really drives me (one of the many pillars of being an MVP). Hope this helps!


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