Hello, and welcome! My name is Chris Gill and I’m a learn-it-all Cloud Solutions Architect of 18+ years, with a love for delivering modern collaboration and productivity through use of M365 and Microsoft Azure. I’m also recognized as both a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional (MVP), first awarded in November 2020.

The site contains how-to articles, certification tips and tricks, cloud foundational showcases, code examples, health and mental awareness posts, and much more!

Staring my tech adventure as a C++ programmer working on robotics projects (mini Khepera robots and predictive visual APIs), I have managed to navigate an ever-changing tech landscape. I have learned a lot of different Microsoft technologies ranging from Windows Server/Desktop, ADDS, ADFS/IDM, SQL, SharePoint, SCOM, and SCCM. More importantly, I have been hyper-focused on learning all that I can within the Office/Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure arenas, and have taken and passed many of the recent role-based certifications (in Beta release, too).

I’m so glad you’re here and am truly humbled to have you as a subscriber and reader of the content shared on this blog! I love meeting and finding others that are just as passionate about these ever-changing technology stacks.

One of the best places to contact me is on Twitter under the handle of @cgill. A list of my current up-to-date certifications can be found here.