Cloud Adoption Framework V2.0 for Azure

Roughly one year ago, Microsoft released the Cloud Adoption Framework (or CAF) for Azure to provide guidance via best practices, tools, documentation, security, governance, planning, migration, and the like. Over the past few months, this initial release( ) and new ( ) have been updated considerably to include new items such as the Governance Benchmark, the Cloud Journey Tracker, and the Azure Architecture Review, among others (start here: ). Fun story – if you were to try and select all of the resources and utilize the functionality to create a book/PDF, it would currently result in 1,298 pages of reading pleasure. I triple-dog-dare you to take that PDF and send it directly to your Cloud Adoption team, or your CIO/CIT for review!

During my visit to MSIgnite 2019, I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Cloud Adoption Framework booth to discuss a physical book called “Thinking of… Building a Digital Operating Model with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure? Ask the Smart Questions”. I have since found a digital version available for download and review:

The most intriguing thing, however, was a small piece of paper that contained a web address quick reference guide. Let me just say that this fine gentleman was my hero that day, as this single small piece of paper cut through all of the fog for this CAF documentation! Here is the guide in all it’s glory:

Section of Cloud Adoption Framework Web Address Short URL
Cloud Adoption Framework Landing Page
Cloud Adoption Framework Documentation
Cloud Adoption Framework | Strategy
Cloud Adoption Framework | Plan
Cloud Adoption Framework | Govern
Cloud Adoption Framework | Ready
Cloud Adoption Framework | Migrate
Cloud Adoption Framework | Innovate
Cloud Adoption Framework | Manage
Assessments Page
Governance Benchmark
Cloud Journey Tracker
Azure Architecture Review
Azure Setup Guide
Azure Migration Guide
Azure Innovation Guide
Azure Blueprints
MS Learn course module on Cloud Adoption Framework
Find a Partner
Customer Evidence Story – Dentsu

Please do share this resource with others, as this is quite the useful set of Azure Cloud Adoption Framework resources!

2 thoughts

  1. Where is the link for the quick reference guide (aka the small piece of paper)? All the others info you provided in the post are public


    1. Fair question. I had taken the small sheet of paper, and translated it into the table in my post (with accompanying links). I still have yet to find the official online chart…


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