Guest on The Uptake Podcast talking Neurodiversity as a Superpower

A few weeks ago, I was invited by thought leaders Anna Chu and Shona Bang to be a guest on The Update Podcast, to be joined along with a fellow friend and community champion, Paul Warren. I can’t stress enough how very near and dear this #HumansofIT community is to my heart, and I was super excited (and humbled) to get this opportunity to share my experiences and human story so that others could learn from our experiences!

In this particular episode, the three of us had a raw and honest conversation about being vulnerable and authentic, growing the community, being a mentor, discussing neurodiverse and neurotypical folks, navigating the workplace with a “hidden superpower”, and helping children through their life experiences in an effort to foster inclusive communities and growth mindsets.

The Update Podcast, Episode 6, Neurodiversity as a Superpower (with Anna Chu, Paul Warren, and Chris Gill)

In addition, I took advantage of the incredible opportunity to create and publish a guest blog on the Microsoft Tech Community #HumansofIT blog, and shared my story with the global community, reflecting further on who I am, what I advocate for, and how I would like to see the community benefit and grow from global contributions from each of the awesome #HumansofIT!

If you are not yet a part of the Microsoft Tech Community or specifically, the Humans of IT community, please join in on these incredibly engaging global communities today!

A HUGE thanks to Microsoft, Anna, Shona, and Paul for having me on this episode! Also, feel free to get in touch with Anna, Shona, or Paul via any of the below links:

Anna Chu | LinkedIn | Twitter 
Shona Bang | LinkedIn | Twitter
Paul Warren | Site | LinkedIn | Twitter 


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