PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Study Guide

PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

I remember sitting in the back of an Uber on November 4th in Orlando for MS Ignite, receiving the invite for the PL-900 beta exam. While I booked the exam at 85% discount, the goal was NOT to pass the exam (though, that would be a nice result) – it was to give in to my curiosity as I do with ALL of my beta exams. Learn, fail, self-motivate, build, and share this experience with others would be the end game for this exam try.

Never underestimate the power of determination, prior experience, mind over matter, and an inspiring #PowerPlatform Principal Advocate and #PowerAddicts community. Thinking back on time spent working with Excel pivot tables, then Power Pivot, SQL Reporting Services, and Power BI, I kept telling myself that “you got this”. I relied on an incredible Microsoft Learn learning path to update my skillset, resources below to prepare for (and pass) the beta exam, and countless community examples. Truly, an exam in which ANYONE can learn the techniques and gain some incredibly awesome skills along the way!

The amazing thing is that the power of what was once called Microsoft Flow has now been nurtured into the Power Platform, consisting of Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. You will see similar technology used throughout both Microsoft 365 and Azure (Azure Logic Apps is big sibling of Power Automate), appearing where “no code task automation” would be desired (think combination of data, AI, automation, and rich GUI visualizations). Just be forewarned – the lines are blurring and we’re seeing integrations in Azure where you can take data stored in an Azure SQL database and with a few clicks in the Azure portal, create a canvas app!

Goals of this Study Guide

I will break apart the newly refactored exam below, supplying links that will quickly allow you to focus on sections or topics based on the 15-60 minutes a day #LearnItAll growth mentality. The very first thing you will need to do is to sign up for a 30-day trial of Power Apps or the Power Apps Community Plan.

According to the details on the PL-900 exam details page (updated on May 7th):

Candidates for this exam are users who aspire to improve productivity by automating business processes, analyzing data to produce business insights, and acting more effectively by creating simple app experiences.

This exam covers the following: Describe the Power Platform components: Power Apps, Power BI, Microsoft Automate, Common Data Service (CDS), connectors, and AI builder; describe cross-cloud scenarios with representation across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and third-party services; identify benefits and capabilities of Power Platform; identify the basic functionality and business value Power Platform components; implement simple solutions with Microsoft Automate, Power BI, and AI Builder; and create a basic app in a no-code environment.

Understand the business value of Power Platform (20-25%)

Describe the value of Power Platform applications

Describe the value of connecting business solutions

Describe Power Platform administration and security

Identify Understand the Core Components of Power Platform (15-20%)

Describe Common Data Services

Describe Connectors

Describe AI Builder

Describe Demonstrate the business value of Power BI (10-15%)

Identify Understand common Power BI components in Power BI

Connect to and consume data

Build a basic dashboard using Power BI

Describe Demonstrate the business value of Power Apps (15-20%)

Identify Understand common Power Apps components in Power Apps

Build a basic canvas app

Describe Understand Power Apps portals

Describe Demonstrate the business value of Power Automate Microsoft Flow (15-20%)

Identify Understand the common Power Automate components of Microsoft Flow

Build a basic flow

Demonstrate the business value of Power Virtual Agents (10-15%)

Identify common Power Virtual Agents components

Build and publish a basic bot

While the exam doesn’t specifically cover this, I would like to call out the Power Platform Center of Excellence starter kit, as it is quite incredible for ANYONE involved with the Power Platform.

As always, best of luck to you on your studies and learning journeys, and do let me know how you did when you sit the exam. If this resource helps you, please share with others and #LearnFromOthers!


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