Guest on the Cloud Family Podcast

Why a picture of Letchworth State Park (a.k.a. the “Grand Canyon of the East”? You’ll have to listen in and find out!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by two renowned Microsoft Azure MVPs Richard Hooper and Gregor Suttie, asking whether I was willing to join them as a guest on their recently launched Cloud Family Podcast. Those who know me know that there was no hesitation, so I responded with a resounding “YES”, and we began brainstorming topics. The wonderful part about this particular podcast is that every episode covers something unique that shows the intersection of community and tech!

Both Richard and Greg begin the podcast with what they have been working on over the past few weeks as well as any new and intriguing Azure/cloud announcements. We then began talking about the #HumansofIT movement within the Microsoft community, including efforts from the #HumansofIT Ambassador program (for both professionals and students). We covered upskilling and mentoring, my career progression and path (from SharePoint to Azure, and pretty much everything in-between), one of my FAVORITE places to visit in the entire world. We then talked about how mentoring not only helps to foster empathy on both sides of the mentorship, but also allows you to share your tech and non-tech passions to help build meaningful and long-lasting community relationships.

Finally, we talked about my no longer super-secret home lab (post coming soon) that is currently being built and every step of the way documented to upskill the community on Kubernetes clustering, service monitoring, effective networking, and remotely managing this soon-to-be-built Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes cluster from the Azure Cloud!

Sneak preview of the TuringPi and RaspberryPi CM3+ compute modules (just waiting on the TuringPi shipment!)

I had so much fun recording this podcast, and we “almost” completed it in one take – an engaging conversation that I truly hope you find beneficial and inspiring! Thank you both for a wonderful podcasting experience!


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