#MSignite 2020 virtual: Recap, Announcements, and Resources

#MSIgnite 2020 Digital Event for a global audience

For the first time in Microsoft Ignite history (now 5 years strong with the #MSIgnite label), this year’s event was a completely digital event. For folks attending MSBuild or MSInspire earlier this year, we all hoped for some surprises and changes in the format of this free global event, and I believe Microsoft delivered on exciting announcements and features, as well as engaging and unique community-driven sessions as part of the #HumansofIT track!

I’m creating this as a reading and reflection list for my experience with the event, and hope that this resource list helps you as well! Let’s start with a primer article from Frank X. Shaw (truly an incredible overview that set the stage for MSIgnite 2020), and then a link to the famous Microsoft Ignite book of News 2020:

“The Microsoft Ignite 2020 Book of News is your guide to the key news items that we are announcing at Ignite. To make the Book of News more interactive, we’ve created a live site that we hope you will find engaging and easy to navigate. Instead of scrolling through pages of content, you now have the option to select the items you are interested in from the table of contents. We hope the new changes will help you get all the information, executive insight and context you need.”

In addition to the roughly 800+ sessions, there were another 200-400 pre-recorded deep dive sessions announced as available from a newly launched Virtual/Video Hub within the Microsoft Tech Community! These focus areas cover adoption, governance, management, security, Modern Work, user experience, and more!

Microsoft #HumansofIT track:

Microsoft Learn updates:

Microsoft Azure announcements:

Microsoft Azure Active Directory announcements:

Developer announcements (can never have enough Devs out there!):

Microsoft Security and Compliance announcements:

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams announcements:

Microsoft Endpoint Manager announcements:

Microsoft Edge announcements:

Microsoft Business Applications and Power Platform announcements:

Key Takeaways and a haiku:

I think we all knew that everyone in the world was working hard, not only on solving business needs in the time of COVID, but I truly was blown away by the announcements from MSIgnite this year. Truthfully, I had lower expectations going into the event thinking that Microsoft had its hands full with customer requests for assistance, and may have backed off on new game-changing features. I’m happy to admit I was wrong, and am incredibly excited to see that Microsoft is listening to and working with their customers to deliver on their #TechForGood promise!

To finish, here is the haiku I promised with recommendations from the #MSIgnite digital event:

Turn on MFA!
Enable Tenant Attach!
Use Microsoft Edge!


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