Feedspot Top 50 Microsoft Azure Blogs to Follow in 2020

On a self-promotion suggestion from a friend, I registered this blog on feedspot.com (an online platform that reviews and recommends top blogs on varying topics), expecting only feedback on whether I was achieving value for others in the community, as well as the community goals I had set for myself.

Yesterday morning, I received the following from the founder of feedspot.com:

Amazing email from Anuj, the founder of Feedspot, confirming that Configuring Clouds was listed in the Top 50 Microsoft Azure Blogs!

To be honest, I was shocked, humbled, proud…and energized – there are a LOT of great names and resources on this list! I raced to the Top 50 URL he supplied and there was the blog entry for Configuring Clouds:

Not exactly “Top 50”, but it’s an incredible feeling to have reassurance that the time, energy, and creative resources have been valuable to others. I now know what continued amount of energy, drive, and passion it will take to continue bringing great content and resources to you as part of this incredible community!

Thank you all, and here’s to all that 2020 continues to offer our community – please continue to follow me via the links in the social header/footers on this page, or via RSS!


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